apparently I’m scary

But I am also very very busy.

I was wandering around the interwebs when I popped by to see one of my very favorite gals, the lovely and not scary but very talented Jo Beaufoix and saw that in honor of Halloween she had taken a little quiz…

I am not prone to the copy pasty quiz stuff ordinarily, however it IS Halloween and that IS one of my busiest days of the year what with my need to dress all lovely, carve up pumpkin flesh, make things glowy and lure small children to my home for a tasty treat…

And I thought “Well Jo wants to know if I am scary, maybe they do to”

So Here it is… Am I, Cami Kaos, scary?

You Are Scary

You even scare scary people sometimes!

Um, so with all those cute little skulls they are saying yes? But look at their sweet little eye sockets and that darling set up upper teeth… how could they frighten anyone?

Obviously the test is skewed.

Happy Halloween all, I have merriment to make, spooky sounds to play, goodies to hand out and blood to curdle.


Scary CamiKaos

11 thoughts on “apparently I’m scary

  1. Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas says:

    Have fun today. We put on our scary sound effects CD last night and turned the lights out. Scared the crap out of the older three kids, but Jocelyn thought it was hilarious!

  2. Gunfighter says:

    Ha! I’m NOT scary according to the test… I’m SCRED.Odd… most of the people I work with are very afraid of me.

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