what can I say?

Mr. Kaos is home on vacation for THE REST OF THE YEAR. (That is what happens when you do not take ANY vacation time at all for the whole year leading up to December).

What’s that? What about that Di$neyland trip you ask??? K and I were on vacation then, Mr. Kaos worked EVERY SINGLE DAY.

So um, he’s home for the year.

Not that he isn’t working…

He is.

I think he is sitting behind me in the other room working right now. Checking work e-mail. Doing work stuff.

Yep. I just peeked over my shoulder. He’s a dedicated man. That huge conglomerate he works for is lucky to have him.

(So am I).

Maybe what I can say is some stuff about Mr. Kaos.

It is after all the season for family and happy and light and thankfulness (yes I know a lot of you do your thankful stuff at Thanksgiving but I am not so much a thanksgiving person).

This has, after all, been an overwhelming year for our family. Between the work, the child rearing, the bathroom remodel, the monumental Di$ney trip, Pavlov’s Cats stuff, writing that novel and so much other stuff that goes on in life, it’s been a busy time.

There have been realizations, reunions and rationalizations. There have been celebrations and somberness. It’s been a year. It’s been a good year with a man that I love and admire.

As this year draws to a close (because it is, December 31st is very near) I want to take a look at the year I’ve had and say a big thank you to the man who makes the life I live possible.

Right now I am happy. I’m in my element. It’s a beautiful winter, my man is home, my daughter only has one week left of school and my parents are due to arrive any day. There is baking and laughing, games and gifts and good times to be had for all.

This is truly the time of year when the chaotic nature of CamiKaos shines through. Mr. Kaos is not by his nature prone to chaos though, so right now for him I will try to walk the fine line between chaos and control to make this happy home OURS for the holiday and not just MINE for the holiday.

That is the gift I try to give him right now. While he is home surrounded by our walls that could all use a little dusting I want him to know that he is appreciated…

So I give him my love and some semblance of order.

Plus…. fresh coffee every morning.

What can I say?

I love you Mr. Kaos.

11 thoughts on “what can I say?

  1. Travis Erwin says:

    I’d say Mr. Kaos is indeed a lucky man. And tell him I said to quit working and start having some fun. Dekypers buttershots in a nice steaming mug of hot chocolate is a good way to start.

  2. holly says:

    dang i was sure i left a comment earlier. oh yes! i did! i remember typing something about jealousy but then i’m going to be off from next friday. did my computer pull a sickie? jeeez. anyway 1) no longer jealous, friday is but five days away, i can hold out. 2) how cute are you two? one day i hope to have an aren’t-they-cute post on my blog. but it will be entirely fictional.

  3. Bubblewench says:

    Have a great holiday. Good luck with that line. I know how you just love to cross it. Mr K TOTALLY ROCKS! He is the ultimate best.

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