fang me

Earlier I wrote an entire post about the fact that I was trying to fit my vampire fangs and was stuck laying on my back for 10 minutes while the adhesive cured into whatever the hell it is that molds the fangs to my teeth. An entire post about that. It wasn't a gem trust … Continue reading fang me

about the kaos family

With Halloween well on its way I thought it might be time to let you guys in on a little video Mr. Kaos recorded in 1989.No, I'm not joking.Yes it really is him.(no, no it's him... the one singing... er... rapping?)Just watch it... I'll wait.Admit it, your life is more complete now.


Now begins the long thought out and very very exciting question of What to be for Halloween. While I am sure many of you are thinking to yourselves "Hmmm, what will that little darling K Kaos be for Halloween?" you can keep that to yourself. We are talking about something much more monumental than that. … Continue reading spooks