Now begins the long thought out and very very exciting question of What to be for Halloween.

While I am sure many of you are thinking to yourselves “Hmmm, what will that little darling K Kaos be for Halloween?” you can keep that to yourself.

We are talking about something much more monumental than that. We are talking about what I am going to be for Halloween. That my friends is important.

In fact in my 30 years of Halloween I can only recall 1 Halloween that my most pressing thought for a month or two in advance was not about costumes and decorations and goodies. That was the year I got married. I got married 4 days before Halloween and before and after the wedding I was suffering from what you would call “morning” sickness. I would not call it morning sickness, I would call it “Oh my god I think I am going to die from puking, is that an internal organ, should we put that back” sickness. My most pressing thought in the months preceding that Halloween were “Please let me stop puking” “Gee I hope I fit into my wedding gown when I am 4 months pregnant” and “Who the hell looses weight when they are pregnant and can’t fit into their wedding gown because it is suddenly too big” interspersed with more “please oh please let me stop puking”. That is in no way relevant to this year though.

This year if there is to be any puking it will be my family puking from the amount of time and thought I give Halloween. I. Love. Halloween.

LOVE LOVE LOVE. Some people get all cheery and joyous at Christmas. Some people love and value Thanksgiving. Some Easter or Valentines day. I love Halloween.

Why? Why not? Halloween is AWESOME….

This year though, this year is special. This year is the first time that K is old enough to appreciate a little bit of horror. Just a little bit. Not much, not guts and gore (which is okay by me, my love of Halloween is certainly not hindered by a lack of gore). But mummies are super cool. Zombies are A OKAY. Werewolves are pretty neat. And Vampires. Apparently Vampires are the way to go.

The scariest thing I have been since K was born is a witch… which I have been 3 times in the last 6 Halloweens. I can do that with my eyes closed. She’s been a witch twice because she thinks they’re cute. This year though we aren’t looking at angels or fairies or cats. No pumpkins or fuzzy little forest animals here. Not a super hero in site (Sorry Mr. Kaos, I know you had high hopes for dusting off your bat cape and cowl).

This year I get to be a vampire. Teeth and all… Because my daughter will not run screaming from the room when she sees the blood lust in my eyes… This year she is old enough to know that it really isn’t blood lust at all, it’s just mommy enjoying her FAVORITE holiday and having a really freaking great time.

11 thoughts on “spooks

  1. divebarwife says:

    Hooray for Halloween! I too contemplate my costume for months and months on end – but at least 50% of the time still end up scrounging the week before because I can’t decide. I was a standard spooky witch last year – but I was a very trampy witch the Halloween right before I met my husband! One of my favorites was back in 1993 I believe and I was the Bee Girl from the Blind Melon video…oh what to be, what to be!?!

  2. Suzie says:

    i love halloween…but we only have 3 kids on our circle of 100 homes. there is always a part in my driveway for the adults

  3. landismom says:

    Oof. I love Halloween too, but I can’t plan for it yet. We have a strict one-holiday-at-a-time policy in our house, and between the Potato’s birthday (this weekend) and the Bee’s (end of September) with a dash of the first-day-of-school in the middle, I can’t plan Halloween until at least October 1. My (tall black) hat’s off to you, though!

  4. Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas says:

    I love Halloween! We got married the day before Halloween. As you can tell, our whole family dresses in a theme. Last year the kids were KISS and we were the groupies. We’ve done pirates, vampires, bikers. This year I want to do a Peter Pan theme, but one of the kids wants to be Captain Hook and Daddy doesn’t want to be Peter!

  5. Corey~living and loving says:

    I can’t wait to see the pics. :) My goal this year, is to not be too tired to decorate the house. That has been me for the last 3 years. ugh.

  6. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Sounds fabulous.Halloween isn’t so big in the UK but it’s growing. For the last 3 years one of us Mum’s has put on a Halloween Party ands we all dress up.Last year it was my turn and we had a blast.I always put a pumpkin on our doorstep and buy in lots of sweets.This year will be Miss M’s first one in a proper costume.I can’t wait.

  7. Lisa Milton says:

    I’m right there with you – love halloween. I think my kids have caught the bug and starting to plot now too. Just as I had hoped…

  8. CamiKaos says:

    Hooray for all the Halloween love.Lisa: K certainly has caught my love of Halloween… Jo: Wait come back, where are you Jo. Do I need to make a log in to read you at that other site…. will you be gone that long…. oh the agony of a joless internet.Corey: My house is always the last thing on the halloween list… NOT THIS YEAR.Lori: Oh I know you guys get down with the Halloween in your house. We do themes too. Last year Mr. Kaos was Batman and K and I were Batmom (sexy batmom) and Batgirl. Year before that I got suckered into being and angel with K but in the end she HATED it and we threw together witch costumes at the last minute. Year before that it was a pirate family… This year… such fun will be had.Flutter: You know you are my very favorite don’t you?Landismom: I totally get the one holiday at a time. The only thing kind of standing in the way here is that pesky first day of school thing… But who needs to worry about that right? Am I right? Yeah, I’m right.Suzie: I dream of the day my kid doesn’t want to spend Halloween with me anymore so I can have a big ol party… I curse that day too, but you know… I miss the big “grown up” halloween parties. Divebarwife: That is so awesome. Are there photos?Mielikki: No no no, you misunderstand she is SO gonna be a blood sucking little fiend… with curls.BW: Aw yeeah.

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