goodbye for now, fair shoes…

School is back in session, the morning has a tiny nip on the breeze, and the season is starting to change. So today when I had the chance to run out to lunch I skipped the flats and ignored my sneakers in favor of the 5 1/2″ cork and black leather peep-toe wedges I picked up earlier in the summer to wear for my cousin’s wedding.

I always think I’m not a wedge girl. When I think of shoes I covet and long for wedges are never at the top of the list. Boots have a list all to themselves and that list sits firmly atop the shoe list, but I love a good heel. I’ve even learned to appreciate a cute flat. For some reason though I long resisted the wedge… Until this summer when I needed heels for an outdoor wedding and fell in shoe- love with these.

So when it was time to head out the door on this beautiful early fall day I took them down off the shelf in my closet where they’re lovingly displayed and pulled them on quietly smiling to myself as I buckled the thick leather straps. I folded my jeans back down smoothed them out and then I was out the door a considerable bit taller than I’m used to being. And  I savored every moment of my lunch and stroll in my pretty shoes knowing it’s the last time I’ll wear them for months. It was my quiet way of saying goodbye to summer, because I’m ready for sweaters and boots. Bring on Fall.

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