the one with the politics…

I’ve been eligible to vote in this country for 17 years and 8 months. Writing that, I realize now that on my next birthday I will have been a voter just as long as I was a kid. That’s a huge milestone, one I never considered.

Perhaps I didn’t consider it because voting is not a part of my everyday life. I try my hardest to keep politics from being an everyday part of my life as well. Just like religion I don’t like to have the politics of other folks shoved in my face. I have my beliefs. They’re important to me. I think I’m right. I do some research. I vote my conscience.

I don’t ignore what is going on in the world, but most of the time I have no need to throw my opinion in anyone’s face. I blame my parents bringing me up with that whole treat others the way you’d like to be treated thing.

But sometimes an issue is bigger than just me and my desire to keep to myself. Sometimes we’re faced with a time, a cause, or an individual that would set us back in time and strip away rights that were hard fought for.

Women are not a minority, yet we are consistently treated as one. Our rights and ownership of parts of our bodies seem to be up for grabs.

As a person I can’t abide that.
As a human I can’t understand it.
As a woman I’m wounded and sickened by it.
As a daughter I’m astounded.

But as a mother, the mother of a girl, I’m angry. I’m worried.

So please. Go out and vote your conscience. Better yet, vote mine. Make sure that when my daughter and all the other little girls in America are old enough to vote  they can dedicate their time, energy, and resources to making the world a better place. Not to reclaiming equality my parents, *their parents, and their parents before them fought so hard for.

Election day is November 6. Do something about it.

*Disclaimer: I can only really comment on my parents working for equality, what their crazy-ass parents and those before them may or may not have done blows my mind, so when I say parents the other two times, really speaking more in a figurative sense. Okay? Good.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Cami…


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