birds do it, bees do it, but mermaids apparently don’t…

Mermaids are sirens of the sea.  Beautiful creatures that some want to posses and others want to be.  40 years ago when Starbucks became a company they had a logo oh so very different than the one they have today.  It was a mermaid with tits, midriff and tail.  You know.  The mermaid trinity.

Over the years they’ve changed their logo and each time they’ve done it they’ve simplified the wording and design and at the same time taken out a bit of what makes the mermaid so mystical and loved.

While I noted it to myself before, it wasn’t until today that I got a little baffled, for lack of a better word, by their complete desexualization of the mermaid.

In a society which inappropriately sexualizes tweens and teens (both boys and girls) with inappropriate clothing, shoes, hair products and makeup I find it so strange to strip the fairly innocent sex appeal of a mystical sea creature. What’s next Starbucks?  Are you going to put her in a suit and tie?

* Original image courtesy of magnoid used under creative commons.

5 thoughts on “birds do it, bees do it, but mermaids apparently don’t…

  1. Brian Enigma says:

    Oh, hey, you changed the picture in your post from Starbucks logos to… something else. I think I always had an innocent and cartoony view of the two tail thing (the few times I ever even gave it a thought). Now I can’t un-see the mental image of spreadeagle ladyparts with the fishyparts. Thanks! I, umm… think.

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