let me tell you a story…

I know I know.  I’m always telling you stories.  Each post here contains some twisted bit of insight into my mind or life.  These pages are riddled with stories.  Tales I’ve felt compelled to tell.  Things I’ve wanted to open up about.  Moments I’ve felt needed to be shared with the world.

Sometimes it’s because I like to babble.  Sometimes it’s because I think it could help someone.  Sometimes it’s a way to drive back the frustration that builds up inside each and every one of us.  But a lot of the time, quite often in fact, it’s to entertain.

So people of Portland, let me tell you a story?

No silly.  Not now.  On September  22nd.

Not here.  At Back Fence PDX.

Back Fence PDX is a Story Telling series that’s been happening here in Portland for 2 years.  It’s put on by Melissa Lion and B. Frayn Masters.  And I’ve been in attendance for many of them.  This time though, instead of just observing, I’m honored to have been asked to come and tell a story of my own.  Each event features multiple storytellers all weaving a tale on the same theme.  This time the theme for the night is Family Plots.

As with every other theme they’ve chosen there’s more than one way to interpret it and not only am I excited to weave my own story for everyone in attendance, I can’t wait to hear the tales the others have to tell.

Also?  I feel like I can add raconteur to my resume now.  Finally.


If you’re here in Portland and you’d like to attend I recommend reserving your tickets now.  The show usually sells out.

Also? Squee.

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