perfect excuse for a little black dress…

Over the weekend I stopped by WordCamp Portland for a few hours.  I went in to do an interview, as asked by our intrepid organizers, and while I was there took the opportunity to catch some of the content and reconnect with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while.

In one of those catching up moments I sat with a couple of friends and explained the main motivation for me to do things in the public eye.  Little black dresses and high heels.  Or boots.  You know, depending on the day.

You see as a woman I was taught that we can never have too many little black dresses.  But I beg to differ.  If we have too many little black dresses and not enough closet space or places to wear them it can be frustrating.  Infuriating.  Irritating.  Also, it might make me a little on the pouty side.

But a few weeks ago I found an excellent reason to wear one of the little black dresses I had tucked away in my collection.  One that I fell in love with, got on sale and as of this morning, have not had a reason to wear.  But tonight I will.

Why?  Because there are few better reasons to slip on a little black dress than getting up on stage in front of a warm Portland crowd and telling a story, and as I mentioned last week or so, that’s exactly what I’m going to do tonight.

You can click on the image to reserve tickets or you can wander on down to Mission Theater.  Doors open at 6.  Show starts at 7:30.  I’ll be the one in the little black dress and high heels.  Or, you know, one of the ones in a little black dress and high heels.  I hear that outfit is all the rage.

6 thoughts on “perfect excuse for a little black dress…

  1. camikaos says:

    Sybil, let’s be fair. You COULD click on the link to reserve your tickets… but you wouldn’t be able to make it tonight. I’ll call you and tell you the story tomorrow. It’ll be you own private telling. And then I’ll tell you another story. And stuff.

    NOTE: This offer good for Sybil only. Non-transferable. Do not duplicate.

  2. Crystal Beasley says:

    You and me, babe. It’s you and me holding down the dress and high heels look for the entire metropolitan Portland area. Bike casual culture be damned, I’m going to dress like every day is a Mad Men episode.

    So sad I’m going to miss BackFence tonight. Being a pie lady means two days of prep before each Friday Pie Day. I’m sure you’ll rock it!

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