rinse cycle…

Today was back to school day for most of the Portland Metropolitan Area and the house of Kaos was no exception.  So I got up early and knocked over a glass of water and stopped to clean it up.  Sigh.  Good start.  Then I hopped in the shower and  went about the business of getting ready for our day.

Rush rush rush.  Getting ready.  Doing stuff.  About to run out the door so I ran a comb through my hair and…



I may have forgotten one important detail of the showering process.  Let’s review, shall we?  Get wet.  Shampoo.  Rinse. Condition. Wash face. Rinse.  Wash body.  Shave pits. Luxuriate in the warm water.  Step out.  Wrap hair in towel.  Wrap body in towel.  Dry.  Moisturize. Dress.

Oh.  That’s right! I forgot to rinse out the conditioner.  It’s not leave in conditioner.  No.  It’s that kind that you need to rinse out.  Of your hair.  So that it isn’t in your hair anymore?  Yeah.  That’s the stuff.

So just as we were to step out the door I stuck my head in the sink gave it the quickest rinse I could  and then a squeeze to remove as much of the water as possible.  Toweled my hair as I was throwing on my jacket on the way out the door and then hoped and wished and dreamed that it would rain so I could claim my wet dog look was just due to the fact that I’d been caught in a beautiful Portland rainstorm with no umbrella.

Yeah.  No dice.

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