leaving on a jet plane…

To be honest I’m not too well versed with the kind of planes that are jet planes and that aren’t.  Defining of planes is not a strong suit of mine.  Does it really matter what kind of plane I’m flying on?  Are you that superficial.

Look… I’m getting on some sort of aircraft at some point today and flying to Austin.  Okay.

Stop asking me so many questions.  I’m getting on a plane at some point.  And then off.  And then sitting around waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting…….  Before eventually getting on another plane that will at some point get me to Austin so I can go to SXSW!



You aren’t excited for me?  Clearly you’re not aware of how much I wanted to go last year but was denied due to poor planning and timing.  Anyway… I have nothing else for you today because I’m traveling.  But maybe if you’re good I’ll post something interesting about my trip soon.

Or just, you know… put up some pictures of me eating BBQ and drinking.

Good with you?

Good with me.

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