camikaos rocks sxsw… or something

Hi babies.  It’s me.  You know… Cami.  Cami Kaos.  This is my blog.  I know I know I’ve been a little absent as of late.  Especially since Thursday but I have a little time for you right now.  That’s just the kind of girl I am, taking time out of my busy SXSW schedule to say hi to all of you!

Hi all of you.  I’ve been having a great time.  Seeing lots of bright smiling faces, learning from some excellent panels, drinking some stuff, eating lots of good food.  Plus happy party time with some of my favorite Portland people.

Last night we stayed out a little late… I seem to remember last call and then wandering back to my hotel and falling fast asleep.  And then?  We slept in.  Late.  And this morning… well actually it was this afternoon by the time we left the hotel, but just barely and just because of the time change, we met up with a couple of friends to grab a bite to eat and as we were just rolling up to the Iron Cactus home of the amazing Mexican Martini (or Margatini as I like to call it) I tripped in a sidewalk pothole and twisted my ankle.

Bam.  Down I went.  Scraped up elbow, banged up knee and completely fucking painfully twisted my ankle.

Look see… it hurts

Oh… you can’t see that?  Well neither can I because I have to keep ice on it because I’m trying to keep the swelling down and the terrible horrible pain at bay.

I wonder how long it will be before the guys let me leave the room…

(PS: Thank you so much to Mike, Rick and Michelle for taking good care of me… and random nice guy on the street that asked if I was okay… I am soooo sorry I was a bitch to you.  I was seriously trying not to pass out and vomit from the pain.)

10 thoughts on “camikaos rocks sxsw… or something

  1. gwalter says:

    I’m sorry Cami. As one who has sprained his ankles so often I have personalized ace bandages and ice packs at the ready, I know how much that hurts.

    Keep it elevated, ice it (as you are), baby it, and take care of yourself!

  2. Aaron says:

    Ooh. That sucks… but don’t tell folks it was the sidewalk. Tell them it was that dance club last night. Some sort of incident with Grigs busting a move and busting your ankle.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. I trust you’ve sent one of your minions out for pain meds?

  3. Deb on the Rocks says:

    Clever girl, that’s one way to ensure that you are carried around and accompanied by ice bearers like the social media queen of the universe that you are. Yikes, though, hope the pain is manageable with Margatinis. Take good care!

  4. Angel says:

    Ooer I so feel your pain Cami… just thinking of the agony from tearing my ligaments at Rocking The Gardens last August sends chills down my spine!

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