happy being 33 day…

Yesterday was my birthday.  My 33rd birthday to be specific and look at that… I let the day go by without a blog post.  Hmmm.  How did that happen?  How did I not remember to mark my special day with a blog post etched indelibly on the face of the internet?

Oh that’s right.  I was far too busy.  Like seriously busy.  Doing stuff.

Or um..

Okay no.  It was my fucking birthday so I did exactly what I wanted to do which, as it turns out, was very little.

I ran my kid to school, did a few errands and then came home and for the majority of the day laid in my bed reading stuff, napping and generally lazing about.  That was all before I got up and put clothes on… well back on and went out for dinner and drinks.

Then it was home for drinks and lots of giggling while watching some as yet unreleased videos recorded in the SLL studio before, just as it began my birthday ended at the stroke of midnight.

But all is not lost babies.  As I smiled and stretched this morning a surly little girl informed me that I should enjoy “Happy being 33 day”.



I should enjoy this day, which is now known as “Happy Being 33 Day” as well.

Well sure then, I can’t argue with that.  It’s solid logic.  I mean I thought today was going to be crazy busy what with my mom arriving, cleaning the house, prepping for a show, trying to make a meeting, getting ready to leave for Austin and getting everything ready for K’s birthday party upon my return.

But you know… guess that means I have time to go get that mani/pedi this morning after all…

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