sleep notes on a wednesday

I woke up at 5 AM because my kid decided to head-butt me.  In her defense she was sleeping.  In my defense I didn’t kill anyone for it.  But 5 is a full 90 minutes before I had to get up.  I could have curled right back into that sweet dream I was having about watching the Apple announcement in a tank top and panties while sitting in an old theater in Houston that was converted into a pizza parlor with my boots on the table while my friends and acquaintances played poker and ate cupcakes.

No we were not playing strip poker.  Actually I wasn’t even playing cards, they were.  No I have no idea why I was dressed that way.  Yes… everyone else had their clothes on.  No it wasn’t a naked test taking stress kind of thing.  Stop asking so many questions, can’t you see I’m sleep deprived.

That’s right.. “could” have gone to sleep was actually “would really have liked to go back to sleep but it was never gonna happen, not in a million years because Cami doesn’t sleep for more than 3 hours at time”

3 thoughts on “sleep notes on a wednesday

  1. NanaKaos says:

    I know where the pizza parlor thing came from,”Mr. Gaddies” at the San Jacinto Mall in Baytown,Tx.
    Their Sampler pizza was the best ever.You and DW used to run to pick out the best viewing/eating booth before we had even ordered our pizza. That was the first “big” screen TV experience we ever had. Good memories, good pizzas!

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