get out…

I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful it is outside today, if I could I would have started this differently.  I can tell you though that as I walked home this morning after taking K to school I went blocks out of my way to bask in the crisp cold sunshine for just a bit longer.  I smiled as the the rays soaked into my black beret and jacket and as I got home I didn’t head inside but stood in front of my house gazing at the still setting moon over my neighbor’s roof.

The birds, they were singing.  The squirrels, they were running.  The neighbors, they were nowhere to be seen.

It left me with a perfect, albeit temporary, sense of bliss.  I didn’t mind being blinded by the sun’s rays.  Didn’t mind the chill in my fingers.  It was a perfect moment of just being in the world without care or obligation.

That pretty much tells me the little groundhog is an idiot… Spring has arrived.

6 thoughts on “get out…

  1. gwalter says:

    I so wish it were true, but we always have these great teaser days in the great PNW – but there are no guarantees until July 4!

    Glad you went out of your way to soak it in – that’s exactly the right approach. You made me long for the times I lived in your neighborhood – and a couple over (Hawthorne and Tabor)!

  2. Kathleen McDade says:

    I understand that the Oregon Zoo has a hedgehog who does this duty for our region. I haven’t heard what happened yet, though.

    Isn’t it great how a little sun can make us all giddy? Glad you got to take advantage of it. :-)

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