Bad Parenting 101

It’s 31 minutes until my child’s bedtime.

The big homework packet that she gets at the beginning of the week?  It sits half finished on the dining table.  She has 3 sheets of paper she’s not happy with that she wants to discard and she’s currently in the bathroom weeping copious and highly dramatic tears.

She keeps shouting the same word over and over again “Why oh why oh why????!!!”

I don’t know why.  Well no, that’s not entirely true.  I do know why.  Partly.

She’s shouting it because after day 2 of spending an hour staring at a homework task that she’s done 15 times before and normally has no problem completing in 15 minutes, I told her to go get ready for bed.

Yeah. I’m a bad mommy.  I told her she had to stop.  I told her that sometimes things are not meant to be…

For instance?  When you’ve been home for two weeks straight and you’re suddenly shoved back into school 6 hours a day and your dad is working late and your mother is… well me.  That can wear on a kid.

So I’m putting her to bed.  Early.  And I’ll read her a story, sing her a song and lie down beside her until those big heavy tear filled eyes dry and blink slowly to sleep.

She can worry about her homework in the morning.

6 thoughts on “Bad Parenting 101

  1. landismom says:

    Going back to school and getting homework after a week off is so evil it should be permanently banned. You’re doing the right thing by letting her rest, and tackle it fresh in the morning.

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