dear 2010: can we make a deal?

First, let me say thank you 2010.  You’ve been pretty fucking awesome.  Seriously.  As far as the first 11 days of the year go I’m hard pressed to recall better.

And I’m busy.  And not really the bad busy that makes me crazy because I have no time.  The busy you’re handing me is incredible.  All sorts of fantastic projects and opportunities.  Not to just do something but to do the things I think I may want to be doing.

Also… I’ve been in a pretty good mood.  Have you given me a case of the happy?  Maybe I’m still expecting my own personal Rosie the Robot to show up sometime this year and that’s what has me in such good cheer.

But (there’s always a but) there are a couple of little tiny areas which we could improve…  since you’ve been such a sweet, adoring, kind and productive year so far I thought you might be open to a little constructive feedback.

– I would like to avoid any more of my friends or family members breaking bones.

– I wish I could remember to get ink for my printer.

– It would be really really nice if I remembered to eat (mostly because I don’t have the time to go clothes shopping and if I don’t start eating again… my pants will start falling off).

– And my last note for right now?  Please don’t let birds shit on my iPhone as I’m walking down the street trying to turn my music on.  It’s just rude.

love and kisses,


6 thoughts on “dear 2010: can we make a deal?

  1. furiousball says:

    I think you should amend the last bullet to

    “Please don’t let anything or anyone shit on my iPhone as I’m walking down the street trying to turn my music on. It’s just rude.”

    have to be explicit with life, it has a very twisted sense of humor

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