mud monster

K and I decided on a change of scenery for lunch today so I packed up her sandwich and my salad, grabbed some lemonade from the fridge and we were off to the park to eat lunch under the trees.  After choosing a table with just the right mixture of sun and shade we sat … Continue reading mud monster

pack animal

Over the last 5 years that K has been in school (2 year preschool, kindergarten, first grade and now second grade is ending) I have slowly weened her off the pack animal that is mama.  When she was in preschool all I could think was "Seriously, she's old enough to be in school yet she … Continue reading pack animal

little sleeps

Every night has the same routine. That doesn't mean that every night is the same.  They all have their own special set of circumstances.  A different set of challenges.  Conversations.  A new story to read or a new chapter to begin.  The pjs change.  Sometimes the cats curl up at the foot of her bed.  … Continue reading little sleeps


Eight years ago my life changed in the most amazing way.  I met the most remarkable person.  Someone who will be tied to my heart, my life, my existence for all time.  It was eight years ago today that my beautiful daughter K was born. When I held her in my arms I didn't imagine … Continue reading eight

Bad Parenting 101

It's 31 minutes until my child's bedtime. The big homework packet that she gets at the beginning of the week?  It sits half finished on the dining table.  She has 3 sheets of paper she's not happy with that she wants to discard and she's currently in the bathroom weeping copious and highly dramatic tears. … Continue reading Bad Parenting 101


As I greeted my daughter at school pickup she was all smiles.  Glowing.  She was proud of herself and all she'd done today, happy to be back with her friends and engaged in their current science project.  She bounced toward me and I gave her umbrella to her.  She opened it up and hand in … Continue reading umbrella