this post is not about the weather

It isn’t.  I swear.  The theme of this post is NOT weather related.


It would be unethical of me not to let you all know that it is really really really really really really really really really really really really really cold out there.  Like when I woke up, it was 19 degrees kind of cold.  Fahrenheit… cold.

Like so cold that I grabbed yoga pants and pulled them on before I even got all the way out of bed.  So cold that even though our house is heated I still know it’s cold so I couldn’t get myself to take off those pants to put on jeans to take K to school so I did the only logical thing…

I stole a pair of Mike’s jeans and put them on over the yoga pants.  I look ridiculous, but I was a little less cold.

Also, fair warning for all you Portland people, I pulled out my snow boots this morning.  And wore them.  Do you know what that means?  Remember all that snow last year? How the schools all closed the week before winter break?  That was my fault.  Me and my snow boots.  I wore them for a week before it snowed and it brought snow week down on us all.

Now the practical side of me tells me two different things:

1) Go ahead and wear your beloved snow boots Cami, you did not cause all that snow to fall.  It was mother nature, not you and your footwear choices

2) Cami, don’t you dare spend all week in those damn snow boots… you know Portland people turn into idiots in the snow, we don’t have time for snow until AFTER 30 Hour Day.

Do you see how those two items clash a little?  Like, butting heads.

So you see this post, is not about the weather at all but about my quest for truth.  I need to know if my warm snuggly snow boots cause the snow to fall, and if they do, how long do I have to wear them before it works?

Look out, the snow boots are staying on until alllllll week.

Except Friday when I’m on Live @ 7.  Oh.. and Sunday when I’m doing 7th Planet Picture Show with Will & Robert.

And when I sleep of course.

Did I ever tell you 7 is my favorite number?  It totally is…

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