a little bit of winter magic, if you please…

I’ve been wearing my snow boots for a week.  When I heard there was a chance for snow I decided to put them on and think good thoughts for some fluffy white snow.  Words were thrown around on the news and internets, blizzard, nothing, whitewallofdeath, hysteria.  Still I longed for snow.  I watched the weather all week hoping for a Sunday snow day and then…

At 8 AM Sunday morning K woke us up saying “I have a feeling something MAGICAL happened last night”

Mike rolled over and didn’t say a word.

I told her to check out the window, but I didn’t think we had any snow yet.

“It’s snowing” she cheered.

“Are you sure it’s not just frost?” Mike asked

Her momentary silence followed by a beaming giggle told us all we needed to know.  I gathered her up, we put on some warmer comfy clothes and then went out to the living room to stair out the big window by the sofa while Mike slept in a bit.  For an hour we sat there watching the snow fall quietly.  At one point the flurries were bigger than I’ve ever seen, but instead of watching them I watched K.  I saw her face light up each time a swirl of flakes come near our window.

After a while just watching the snow wasn’t enough so, after a quick bite to eat, we bundled up in our snow gear and headed outside into the icy winter wonderland. We threw snowballs and made an illfated attempt to build a snow man (the snow was too fluffy and didn’t pack well) before we settled on the real fun of the morning and pulled our saucers our of the garage and used our steep driveway for the one thing it’s really good for…  Sledding.



Since the schools are closed today we’re likely to spend some time on our own personal little hill again today, at least until we get cold and decide to curl up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book.

See, even tattooed mamas have Normal Rockwell moments… sometimes.

8 thoughts on “a little bit of winter magic, if you please…

  1. Lilacspecs says:

    Wheee! looks like fun. Even if we got high snow (which we don’t) we don’t sled around here cause Flanders is flat. Although I can’t say this Christmas season is as different as it’d be if I was living in Australia or something.

  2. Jenera says:

    Oh how fun! I’m still waiting for the snow promised in our town. Every town around us got some over the weekend just not us.

    Last year was the first time our boy saw snow and he was in love! He spent more time outside playing in it and watching it than he did inside.

  3. Rebecca Shapiro says:

    What a sweet pic in the pink disc! We found a little tiny hill at the park…bout the same size. Just perfect for little girls. Looking forward to freezing butts so we can make hot chocolate today, too!

  4. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Yay, I want some of that snow. They said we were getting some but they lied. And how cool that K knew, and even cooler that you have a built in sledge slope. Brilliant. Have some fun for me ok? x

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