a serious case of the busy

Despite the title, this is not one of those posts where I wax philosophical about how incredibly busy I am.

I’m also not going to detail for you all the tasks that are keeping me so busy that I don’t have the time or emotional wherewithal to come up with some new inspired piece of prose.  Or even something witty but stupid.

I mean I could easily do either of those things.  Especially the detailing.  I mean the list I could produce to show you my case of the busy would be impressive.  Especially if I produced both a “To Do” list and “It’s Done” list.

But I’m not going to do that.  Why?  Because I have my suspicions that you’re in the midst of some busy too.  Everyone I talk to lately seems to be in a rush (even if it’s just to hurry up and wait) or in a tizzy, or at some serious crossroads in their life.  I used to think that November was just MY personal hell month.  My personal case of the busy… but I’ve since realized that my life is in a perpetual state of busy.

Except for those moments that I stop to take a breath.

But I hurry about getting other things done as quickly as I can just so I can spare that special down time.  I seem to be rushing so that I can ensure I have family dinner with my husband and child.  So I can be certain I’ll have the time to lay down and read stories to K.  So that, without doubt, I can walk more slowly to school with her to collect fresh leaves for a class project.  So I can take the time to answer K’s questions.  So I can make to time to make Mike a pot of coffee.

And so I can sit here and type out a post about how busy I am… And he is.  And she is.  And you are.

Okay, move along.  We both have things to do.

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