fresh faced and cheeky…

It’s been a while since I spruced up around this place.  I was getting a little antsy and I wanted this place to be all shiny and new.  I think the blog remodel is my new hair cut and color.

Does that make any sense to you?

It used to be when I craved a sense of change I would dye my hair some other color.  Or you know… shave half of it off.  I’ve gotten way too vain for that though and my daughter already has to deal with the tattooed mommy with a podcast, I figure she shouldn’t also have the mommy with multi-colored half shaved hair.  It’s my way of giving back.  So instead I’m fucking with my blog.

Plus?  I really missed my little toonlet me.

One more thing before I go lay in bed and cough and watch potentially really horribly bad new old Sci-Fi.  See those little squares over there on the side?  The ones under the header?  The square “ads” were a part of the theme I’m using and I was all good with replacing the images.  I’m fancy that way.  I can track down a little piece of code and replace a file no problem.  I do THAT all the time.  But for some reason they were only set up to display an image not to link to anything…  So I did what any kind of geeky girl with limited skills but a hankering for functionality would do.  I said “Help me please” on twitter and Dane came to the rescue.  Thanks Dane for making my links work!

Now seriously, I’m going to go watch lizard aliens in hot human skin suits while I eat a cupcake and zone out on NyQuil.


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