activities galore…

I am not an “activities” person.  I’m content to live a life of leisure… or I would be if there weren’t so many things interfering with that life of leisure I would be so content to lead.  I was sending my brother and sadimac and email to let them know what had been going on with our lives lately…  Even though we live in the same city our different lives intervene and we go months without seeing each other.

So I sent them an email.  A catch up email, if you will, to let them know what’s going on in our lives and about K starting school next week and about all the activities that she’s chosen to involve herself with…  I told them I was pretty sure she got her love of activities from Mike because that is sooo not me.

I finished the email.  I hit send.  I stood up to clean the kitchen and that’s when it hit me.  Now it may just be my mind’s way of stopping me from doing the housework (my mind hates housework more than any other part of me) but it hit me that in the last few years I’ve been a part of many an “activity”.  How did that happen?  Why did that happen?

What happened to the black lipstick wearing, ripped up stocking donning, short black skirt with dyed black hair crazy girl that never did anything she didn’t want to do at that very moment unless it put food on the table?  Granted I got rid of the black lipstick a decade ago and I prefer tights without holes in them and my skirts are a touch longer (my ass is also a touch bigger).  But when did I get involved in these activities?  These things to do?  Some of them I call work but they all revolve around something I love to do.

That’s what I define as an “activity”.

If it’s something you like to do and there’s no obligation attached to it I’d call it a hobby but once you HAVE to do something for your hobby it’s an activity and I have a ton of them.


K on the other hand at the age of 7 has fully embraced the activity side of things…

Maybe she’s just more mature than I am.  Stranger things have happened.

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