slice of lives…

Every once in a while I find myself getting all overly thoughtful.  Philosophical.  Deep (in my own bullshit).  Existential if you will.

This is one of those moments.  One of those times that I sit back and look at something and can’t help but think and wonder.  Can’t stop marveling about the human condition and all technology has done for the art of being human.

I know I know, popular opinion would probably say that all this technology leads to the end of our very humanity.  Someday we’ll create something that will create our robot overlords and they’ll exterminate human life as we know it…  but I can’t help but think how very human that is.

I was looking at my twitter stream, not so much reading it as looking at it, and then at my facebook stream and realizing that each little entry is the slice of a life that I am in some way connected with.  A life that I’ve somehow touched or that has touched me and where some of those people would be long forgotten from a time in my life long past, so many of them are still here in my day to day even if it is just in this tiny way.


I look around my house.  Solid, tangible.  Think of my husband and child.  Flesh and bones.  I think of the Street we live on.  The neighborhood we live in.  The city I call home.  I think of the roses sitting on my table and the cat that belongs to some neighbor down the street that likes to sit under my Japanese Maple tree… They’re what fills my world now.  Some of them will stay with me forever.  Others I’ll throw in the debris bin next week when they wither and die.

And then I think about how full of shit I sound even to myself.  But I can’t kid you and I can’t lie to me.  All those little bits and bytes of information that pass through my screen everyday… they share a space with me too.  They’re a slice of someone’s life. Someone I know.  Someone I knew.  Someone I love.  Someone I loved.  Someone I can’t stand but like a train wreck can’t look away from.

It’s a way,  a somewhat innocuous way, for me to keep a little piece of all those people that I’ve known.

I think I’m a creating a new kind of pack-rat.

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