I am a child of two worlds…

For example?  Yesterday when we left for the coast I left my laptop at home.  I’m on vacation you see and want to be free of the restraints of my laptop so I can go to bed early and sleep in late and enjoy my day to the fullest.  Having my laptop here?  So would not accomplish that.

But then I go to bed early and wake up before 7 and sit and stare at the bay and my mind, it races and I want to put pen to paper but my hand writing is messy so after brewing a cup of tea I ask my husband, who is not so liberated as to leave his laptop at home, if I can borrow his.  His sleepy face whispers to me his secret password and as I sit down in front of the window to the Bay I realize that if I had MY laptop I wouldn’t want to write a blog post, but since I have his laptop it seems like a good thing to do.

Also, I was really looking forward to just relaxing today.  Kicking back.  Doing whatever, whenever.  And now I’ve planned the whole day.  We’re going to have a lovely breakfast here in our room (we brought omelet fixings) then go and poke Johnny Depp and stare at freaky things, then go for lunch at a place with a huge garage door as the entrance and then go look at some fish before we go to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants around these parts.

And then? We’re going to come back to my room so I can sip martinis from my fancy blue glasses and stare at the ocean and do nothing.  See two worlds… I’m planning out all the stuff that just happens.  Especially the part where we poke Johnny Depp…

Now if you’ll excuse me I think Mike wants breakfast to happen now.  How can I tell?  I leave you with this priceless vacation quote:

“You know blog posts are nice but they sure don’t put breakfast IN MAH BELLY”

He’s all mine.

7 thoughts on “I am a child of two worlds…

  1. Alixandra Hice says:

    Oh no! You’re married to Fat Bastard?!!?!! I LOVED him in the Austin Powers movie!

    Loved your post too.

    Just swung over from David McMahon’s blog to congratulations on you POTD nomination. All this and vacation martinis too! Lucky girl!

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