because that? was the dumbest post ever…

I was writing this post up about how I wasn’t lying at the end of the last post.  That we really are going on vacation.  I was telling you that it wasn’t a big fancy extravagant vacation.  Not a long vacation.  Just a simple short little get away to get our heads out of the evil bog that they’re stuck in.

No they’re not stuck up our asses… they’re in a bog.  Really.

But like I said up there in the tittle area… it was the dumbest post ever (and believe me I’ve written some really lame posts before and published them so I’m somewhat of an authority on this shit).

Photo 181After countless bumps scrapes and burns (look see a burn… and it hurts… and it totally messes with my rep.  It makes me look all tough and hardcore… not like the delicate flower everyone knows I am).  After the daily grind of Work for Mike and then to come home everyday and work more on our own projects at night.  After 4 days straight of video production and an entire Summer of internetty stuff (no offense internet you know I love you the mostest) and summer camps and days of trying to get someone anyone please to help me with the chores.  After death and dismay and a bottle of gin we’re just getting away for a few days.

And I?  I can not wait.

Mike may be mister social today, I’m not sure, but as for K and I?  Packing and preparation before heading off to a fun dinner with friends.  And then?  Then I’m off the grid for a while to let that nasty burn heal (yes I really am a total wus unless you’re asking me to sit through tattooing or childbirth), to walk in the sand, to sleep in, to eat seafood and to stare at the ocean that has, for all of my life, brought me a sense of calm that can’t be beat.tequila worm

And to get a caramel freaking apple.  Last time I didn’t get one because we bought 72 fricking tons of awesome salt water taffy and Mr. “I need to buy a lolly-pop with a tequila worm in it because someone will think it’s AWESOME” said we already had enough sweets and I’d regret getting that apple later (right before he got a bag of caramel corn).

I’ll see you all when I get back…  xoxox

But in the mean time you should know that caramel apple will be mine.  Oh and peace of mind and stuff.  I’ll get some of that too.

Edited 11:47 AM:  *sigh*  Did you know I have two cats?  I love my cats.  My cats are like second-class children to me.  Children that crap and piss in a box and bite my feet in the middle of the night.  And lay curled in my lap when I don’t feel well.  Well one of my cats, my super little trained cat that is totally awesome decided a couple of days ago to pee on my couch.  Then he did it again.  Then, this morning he did it one more time and so now I’m thinking.  SHIT!  Is there something wrong with my cat?  So now I have one cat at the vet in a kennel as they wait for him to pee so they can analyze his urine and one cat at home meowing into the void because he misses his brother cat (that sometimes beats the crap out of him).  And?  A kid who is literally laying on the floor crying “I MISS MY KITTY I WANT MY RIPPY BACK OH PLEASE LET HIM BE OKAY”.


You know what this means right?  We have to be available to go pick the cat up as soon as the vet can release him.  If that doesn’t happen early enough I can kiss my dinner plans goodbye.  If there’s something wrong with him?  I can kiss my long weekend at the beach goodbye.

And I?  Love that damn cat so much that I totally will do all of that and only be a little bit resentful as I cry about how much I miss my kitty and I want him to come home right away.

Did I mention we only dropped him off a few minutes ago?  I’ll keep you updated.

Photo 183Edited 12:37 PM: My kitty is okay!  And home!  And very healthy.  And he just used the litterbox!!!  We used a different formula (same brand) of kitty litter and the Doc’s thoughts were very much that the timing was not a coincidence and that he was offended by the new litter.  I changed it out and have some Urine-Off to get any scent out of the couch and we can still have dinner with friends and have a lovely mini- vacation!!  Caramel Apple here I come!!!

13 thoughts on “because that? was the dumbest post ever…

  1. Nyco says:

    I hope he’s okay! Poor kitty. And poor K. Perhaps Ripper is mad? We used to have a persian cat who would take a huge dump on the bed of anyone who offended him. Imagine what he did when my mother ran over his leg with a Bronco… But seriously, get well soon, little man!

  2. mielikki says:

    A good caramel apple is NEVER to be passed up. Ever. I am in shock.
    tell them to put a catheter in the cat and get the sample. It isn’t that difficult, takes only a second, and then Ripper will be home faster, and you can do what you planned

    Thirdly-the ocean is magic

  3. camikaos says:

    -Kathleen: We got the point… and he got his happy kitty litter box. And I got to buy 23 dollar cat urine cleaner to soak my couch in :)

    -Mie: Is it a family thing? Does anyone in our family not LOVE the ocean?

    -John: He’s okay, thankfully.

    -Nyco: Yep. He was mad about cat litter

    -Melissa: My cat man up? Hell no. They both got their balls clipped off before we ever even met them… man is not in their vocabulary.

  4. faddah says:

    yeah, i coulda told ya ’bout the litter thing. they get very picky. be glad it was feline UTI or no only would the vet visits & treatment be costly, but it’d mean all new litter and new food regimen with something that treats/prevents UTI. ugh.

    glad the rip is ok. my love to all of you, have a good time away. will see you when you’re back.

  5. bryan says:

    “My cats are like second class children to me.”

    Oh the hilarity. It is a good thing my office has a door or the people would be staring at the crazy man laughing at the internets.

  6. Hotmamamia says:

    Our cats damn near constipatedthemselves when we changed their litter! It took us 24 hrs to see where there was going to be a problem…they are ALOT like us…glad all is OK and HAVE FUN!!!!

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