three by the sea…

beachThis Summer vacation has been filled to the brim with NOT being on vacation.  We’ve been swarmed with busies.  Engulfed by the things to do.  Inundated with important tasks… Well this weekend we said NO MORE!

It’s been a tough week.  Mike’s grandmother continues her trek to the end of things and that weighs heavily on all of us, though at the same time it reminds us that life is here to be lived.  After a visit with her on Saturday we took off and got out of the city for a bit.  What started as a trip to the Girl Scout GirlFest ended up being a trip to the Air museum in McMinnville.  We were so close to the coast we could taste it.  It would have taken us less time to get to the beach than to get home, but responsibility and love called us home to visit with Grandma again.  We made a decision in the car though… Sunday we were heading for the beach.

And that we did.  We were out of the house well before noon and with this family that’s a minor miracle.  We made it to Mo’s in time for lunch and then spent hours walking in the ocean and along the beach.  K and I let the water lick at our toes or ran into embrace it while Mike stayed just out of reach of the foamy waves.  Then it was time to head home, but not before a trip through town to see the little shops and find some salt water taffy.

The short time out of the city reminded us how much summer vacation we need to pack into the next month… and with our schedules it’ll take some doing… but hey, I’m a doer.

What?  I can be a doer if I’m not too busy doing nothing.

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