everything dies

Last night we got home from recording a bonus episode of the podcast and I was starving.  I really needed something to eat because it was like 9:33 at night and I hadn’t eaten dinner and honestly I don’t quite recall if I ate lunch.

So when we did get home all I could think of was food, and fast.  I did the last thing I’d usually want to do and got a burrito out of the freezer (I have some from Trader Joe’s for emergencies like this).  I unwrapped it popped it into the microwave and sat down with K for 90 seconds.

*Beep Beep Beep*

I went in and flipped over the burrito which still seemed a little cold but it had 90 seconds more to cook so I started it back up and sent K off to brush her teeth.

*Beep Beep Beep*

Now some of you might not realize this, but while I’m not really that trusting of most people, I’m pretty trusting when it comes to my household appliances.  When I get water from my water dispenser I expect it to to be HOT cold of Room Temperature depending on what I ask for.  When I mix things in my mixer, I expect them to mix.  When I put things in my freezer I expect them to freeze.  If I put all the right ingredients in my bread maker, I expect it to make me some bread.

And when I put things in my microwave I expect it to cook things.

But it totally didn’t.  Why?  Because it’s dead.  At least kind of dead.  The lights are on but no heat is home.

Maybe it’s because Violet Nuit was watching K last night.  Normally something crazy happens on her watch but last night seemed pretty tame.   I think my microwave was trying to make up for it.

4 thoughts on “everything dies

  1. Violet Nuit says:

    Dude. I didn’t touch your microwave at all that night! I SWEAR! Ok, I;m good at following directions, except when someones sink is full. I LIKE ORDER.

    I wonder what the deal is.

    Oh, and I hate a piece of bacon. It had to happen at some point. STOP BUYING AWESOME FOOD AND SNACKS. I suspect one day you’ll come home after I’ve been there and find your kitchen bare. Pretty much.

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