grand ideas are just that…

I had a grand idea of sitting down in my quiet place sipping an ice tea and writing a long lovely blog post that would bring great joy (or possibly sorrow or total apathy) to the masses.  That post?  Is totally not in the cards for today.  It started out alright, I woke up to Mike kissing me goodbye on his way to work, got K up and ready for music camp, had a lovely walk in the beautiful weather and then a longer walk to the grocery store for Chicken & Dumpling supplies (yes I know it’s going to be hot today but who cares… I can make chicken and dumplings any time I want to…) and some salami for my mom to take home to my dad (yes they can get salami in the Midwest but not my dad’s favorite brand of salami).

I remembered that a friend was supposed to come over for lunch to say farewell to my mom and realized that my house is still a totally wreck from all the insanity that was last week.  Then my brother called and said he was coming over and I said “Hey why don’t you guys join us for dinner” and they said yes and then I said:

“OH SHIT!!!  I have to go pick K up in like, 20 minutes!!”  and the sound of the pizza dough mixing in the bread maker whirred behind me as I rushed to try to do things and then I found myself here in front of the computer trying to pound out that awesome post that is never going to happen when I have summer vacation to contend with.

Oh for the lazy days of summer….  are they just a myth?  We’ll try again next week when the house is quiet and it’s just K and I… unless there’s a holiday to get ready for next weekend or something… but that’s highly unlikely.  Right?

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