when cats cry

Oh what to do, what to say?

Yesterday I posted about all those drafts that were saved up in my wordpress… Posts I had barely written.  Posts that were long and never concluded.  Posts that had great meaning, but I just kind of had trouble letting go of them.  The one that seemed most intriguing to some of you (and frightening to me) was the draft titled “when cats cry”.

I decided that whatever I had to do today could wait.  My long list of things to get done was to sit on the back burner until I opened up “when cats cry” to see what words of wisdom, horror or comedy I had written there.  I was anxious as the page loaded.  What would I find?

Was it about animal rights?  Were my cats particularly whiny one day?  Did K have a meltdown in the midst of pretending she was a cat and start crying wearing cat ears and a tail?

What oh what could I have been thinking?

The said news is we’ll never know what was going through my mind when I typed those three words into the title section because when I opened up the draft it was empty.  I wrote nothing.

What was I doing at 10:01 AM on March 18th?  That’s when I started this post. The even stranger thing is that my cats normally hover around me while I write.  Spike tries to get in my lap, Ripper insists on pressing his face into my hand or elbow again and again.  I make more typos that way.  I don’t have a moments peace from those two as long as I sit in front of this computer.

But right now?  They’re no where to be seen.

I wonder if they stopped me from writing this post in the first place.  Maybe I sat down to dispense a great piece of cat related wisdom and they decided that the knowledge was too great.  Had I learned a secret of catkind that they couldn’t let the world discover?

Maybe they drugged me with catnip and warm tea and forced me to nap so I would forget the whole thing ever happened.

Oh no, it’s them.  I can hear Ripper’s claws clicking along the hard wood floor of the hallway… I have to post this now in case they try to stop me again, but I think one things abundantly clear…

I should get a dog.

7 thoughts on “when cats cry

  1. Giddy says:

    do not get a dog. they are way too much work.

    I love this post, mostly because I have the exact same stuff… a bunch of posts that are half written, or (annoyingly) just titles… half a thought… saved…

    as much as I enjoy going back to look at them… they also break my heart. a thought worth sitting down and typing… even saving… but apparently, not worth coming back to later. *sigh* They aren’t great for the sharing, but pretty entertaining to go back and look at when you don’t have anything else to do.

  2. Jo Beaufoix says:

    I miss my old dog. I miss my old cat too. Maybe we’ll get a dog in a few years when I’m further on and the girls are older. I want a dog. :(

    Or a donkey.

    Or a goat.

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