in the twilight zone

Something is just not right here folks.  Something strange is afoot (and not just at the circle K).

Mike is home from work for a few days since we have a foreign exchange Podcaster staying with us.  We can’t just keep him locked up in the house, we need to take him to see some of the sights and sounds of Portland.  Tonight that includes going to Backfence PDX.

This is all a set up for the twilight zone bit… you needed to know those things.  Lets review the important facts:

-Mike is off work for 3 days (5 if you count the weekend)

-Podcasting friend Erk is in town

-We’re all going out tonight.

Now I get down to it.  I was looking in my closet earlier today feeling thoroughly momish… and not hot momish.  Not milfish.  Plain ol tired needing to do something fun for me momish.  I was dismayed that I had nothing to wear tonight.  Pouty.  Sad even.  I went through my closet twice and still found nothing that struck my fancy.  I tweeted that I had nothing to wear.  I thought about.  I said something about it.  I pained over it.

Yes, I know.  Sometimes I am just so totally a girl that nothing can be done about it.

Just before I left to get K from school for the day I told Mike I was going to stop into my favorite little consignment shop, The Silver Lining, on my way home.   He thought for a moment and then asked if he could go with me to pick up K and get some coffee.  Never one to throw away a chance to stroll down the street with my lovely man (you may gag if you wish… I love a nice walk with my husband) I quickly agreed.  We wandered down the street, stopped for coffee (for him) and tea (for me) and went to get our little sweetie from school.  When we were almost home Mike stopped on the street corner and said “I thought we were going to go look at some clothes, didn’t you need something to wear tonight?”

Umm…. yeah…  I was befuddled.  Baffled.  Confused even.  He was trying to get me to go look at clothes????  I told him I didn’t think he would have wanted to go with me.  I was baffled but I took my little family the few blocks over to the store where I browsed clothing, pulling out lovely black thing after black thing.  I tired them all on and showed him the choices and he smiled and made lusty faces at me.  I giggled and announced that I was heading to the back room to look at shoes.  Oh shoes… I do love you so.

I didn’t find any shoes that worked for me… nothing I was even inspired to try on…  But then I saw it.  The purse I had ogled the last time I was there.  the pretty little clutch of faux snakeskin….

I coveted.  I loved it.  I casually showed it to Mike.

To my surprise instead of reminding me how many purses I have, he said it was really nice… and then he asked me how much it was.

It wasn’t much… less than $15.

and now?  It’s MINE!!!


Do you think my husband has been replaced by aliens?

10 thoughts on “in the twilight zone

  1. ZERILDA says:

    i think it was the chi.

    i think mike’s chi was just ever-so-slightly misaligned, in a good way. nice.

    i paid £17 for my last pocketbook. it better last me until the end of days. there was no other pocketbook in town that sufficiently covered my pocket needs.

    did i ask mr huhnpudel if i could have it?

    not only no.

    he11 no.

    he didn’t ask me about those socks he bought. so fair’s fair.

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