Today is the first time in about 3 weeks that I will be alone in my own home.  OhMyGod.  Do you have any idea how good that sounds?  To curl up in my socks and undies under a blanket and eat breakfast while I read tweets?  To do laundry without care?  To clean the kitchen the way I want to.  To get something done, anything done, without a kid climbing all over me.

K went back to school this morning and yesterday my mom and dad headed back home.  Mike is at work.  The house is mine.

I’ll miss snuggling and putting together legos with K and hanging out with my mom and dad…

But seriously people, there is no one else in my house right now but me.  This cause for some heavy celebration.  Nap time here I come.

5 thoughts on “alone

  1. Melanie says:

    Me too! I am SO STOKED to have my house back. To celebrate, I went and bought a yarn tote (the yarn stash, it was eating my house, and my needles were EVERYWHERE), a book on conquering socks (I am DETERMINED to learn this shit), and some lovely honey-shading-to-gold yarn. It’s just me, an old-fashioned glazed doughnut, and my knitting.

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