today’s schedule brought to you by the letter C

“C” for Crazy that is…

9:15:  Post this

9:30: Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.

9:45: Frantically dress hoping to make it to the computer by 10

10:00: Watch the insanity that is the scramble for Ignite Portland 5 tickets.  For 20 minutes.

10:20: Go to book store…  find exact book I am looking for then browse until…

10:40: Head to the dentist with Tom Waits blasting a sense of calm into my ears.

11:00: Get my teeth sparkling clean.  Avoid dental induced panic attack.  Make appointment for some “pleasant” dental work… if there is such a thing

11:30ish:  Wonder how long cleanings take… worry that I did not keep to the schedule on my blog post, also, go grocery shopping

12:00: Lose something important other than my wallet or my iphone (I’ve already lost both of them this week… luckily I found them quickly)

after that it’s a little hazy until 2 when I go to pick up K from school then rush her home force feed her a healthy snack, shove her into tights and a leotard and  hurry her back out the door as quickly as possible to get her to Ballet where my head will probably explode since I will have 45 minutes to sit and do nothing… but with no internet access…

This may be where that new book will really come in handy….

I’d tell you what else but since my head exploded at Ballet the rest of the day will be me picking up skull fragments and helping K with her homework… I’m sure you know how that is.

4 thoughts on “today’s schedule brought to you by the letter C

  1. holly says:

    oh thank the big bob above that you didn’t tell us what that book was. please please please, whatever you do, keep us guessing.

    okay. let me see. i’m cami. what book do i buy.

    was it ‘manifesto publishing 101?’

    was it ‘how to keep people guessing?’ no you have that to a fine art…

    was it ‘how to pick up brain fragments?’ no, you wouldn’t have known you needed that unless last week you bought ‘forseeing the future with the creative use of technology.’

    this comment could be so much better if i wasn’t so hepped up on coffee and hepped down on sleep.

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