I had a few posts all planned in my head… inluding a thing I was tagged for (no that does not mean you can tag me… don’t you dare, I am off limits for tagging, this is a special occasion).  But then the day got really short and suddenly it was night time and we had to rush and make dinner.

And just as I was making dinner Mike asked me to make tiki drinks…  and so I did.  I made us each a tiki drink and we had much joy sucking them down and eating dinner and trying to relax, but before I knew it Mike was slurping up air and tiny particles of liquid with his straw and making that really obnoxious slurping sound that kids tend to make.

But he’s not kid, he’s a grown man.  His obnoxious straw slurping was a signal to me that he needed another drink.  He’s very demanding you know.  So I quickly finished my drink so that I could make us both a 2nd drink.  It’s easier to make them at the same time.

Now?  I’m 3/4s of the way through my second tiki drink and all ambitious plans are out the window.  All I can think about is the warm sandy beach or my soft cool sheets…  or you know… sleeping… or other things I’m likely to do in bed.


I have to go now.  Mike’s making that awful slurping noise again.  It looks like I need to make more drinks if I want that noise to stop.

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