can’t think… salavating

I’ve been wracking my brain about what to write today and everything is either very serious and involves spending time and concentration on a post… or it’s about bacon.  Why would I be writing about bacon?  Because Saturday is Masterbacon and I’m one of the judges (squeee!) and that means that I get to taste each and every lovely piece of bacony goodness that gets submitted…

I even dreamed about it last night.

I can’t wait to find out who the lucky one will be that takes home this little beauty

Plus I have a totally cute new apron to wear…

6 thoughts on “can’t think… salavating

  1. Motor Jeffries says:

    The best bacon I have had in recent memory was at The Columbian Cafe in Astoria. The gentleman behind the grill lovingly made the bacon he served us from Carlton farms side pork that he cured himself. He then let me ogle his copy of Charcuterie (by Ruhlman, Polcyn, and Keller), which I have since purchased and recommend to anyone who is interested in the art of curing meat. This chef’s passion for food truly inspired me to pursue my interest in what is becoming a dying craft in this country.This was a couple years ago, and since that time, I have made my own corned beef, sausage, jerky, smoked fish, etc. Have fun during the judging! May the best bacon win!

  2. hollydolly says:

    i love that someone

    a) planned that trophy

    b) made that trophy

    c) had a reason to award that trophy

    d) received and displayed that trophy.

    there are just so many things about that to love. it is worth winning, i think. enjoy your judging. (i love that someone is going to judge a contest where that is the prize.)

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