and then she said…

We were sitting around before bedtime having a little chat, Mike and K and I, when K decided to ask Mike if he would put on an “Animal Show” at her birthday this year.  She’s having a Jungle theme you see and no Jungle theme birthday could be complete with out a guy showing “dangerous animals” (aka our cats and my rubber snake) to a bunch of kids, right?

“Is the entire point of your birthday just to make me look funny?” he asked her.

She replied with an exasperated sigh and then said with the most serious tone I’ve ever heard, “Daddy, you’re never funny.”

Yeah, that had to hurt.

7 thoughts on “and then she said…

  1. NanaKaos says:

    My brain is still spinning, trying to work out cake ideas. I think it will be great, but this party planning all these miles apart really sucks. Thank God for Sprint , or Daddy K and Doc would have kittens every time they got a phone bill. ( Think of the show possibilities!)
    I’m going out Monday to begin my cake top safari.

  2. Ceci says:


    You gotta love kids for their honesty. There’s not a chance that she said that in trying to make sure he didn’t feel like he “looked funny”? hahahahahhaa No way she meant it that way?

    • camikaos says:

      she really does think he’s funny, and she’s really hoping he’ll make an ass of himself doing the animal show… but she doesn’t want HIM to know that…

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