more blogs than you can shake a stick at…

I’m going to save the grumblings on how I’ve been the victim of theft not just once, but twice already this year for another day, and instead talk about something wonderful.  Something glorious.  Something downright helpful that happened right here in the city I call my home.


Oh yes, I know I’ve said a thing or two about it in the past, I’ve sung the praises of the Portland tech community and the twittersphere… so try not to be surprised, but I’m going to do it again.

On Saturday Cube Space played host to an awesome event called End Bloglessness.  It was put on by the good people at Beer & Blog and was staffed by some wonderful volunteers, there are too many for me to name (especially since I didn’t make note of who all was there, sorry… my bad).  You may find yourself wondering what goes on at an event called “End Bloglessness”.  I bet you can’t guess.

They weren’t teaching children not to pick their noses in public (though humanity could certainly benefit from that).

They weren’t teaching people how to bake sough dough bread (though a friend brought me a sour dough starter that I may have already killed).

They weren’t training cats to fly tiny airplanes (and for that I’m thankful).

They were helping people set up and upgrade their blogs.  For free.  With beer.  That was free.

I headed over about an hour after the event started.  I didn’t go for the beer as I’m not much of a beer drinker and I already have a blog so you may be asking “Why?  Why did you go to End Bloglessness Cami?”

I went because I wondered if somehow I might be able to help someone and I was hoping that someone there would be able to help me implement a blog for Dr Normal within the pages of the Strange Love Live site.  Plus it was a Saturday and I had no other plans so I wanted to go and ogle some fellow geek girls.  It’s just something I like to do.

In one respect I think I was pretty much a failure.  I don’t recall helping anyone.  I showed someone where the kitchen was, forced a friend to eat dinner with me, ate some wonderful alienveggie bread and looked at semi naked pictures of the bread’s baker…  Those things may have been helpful in some regard but I don’t think I actually helped anyone with a blog.  But by not helping anyone, I’ve also ensured that I didn’t steer anyone in the wrong direction.

My other aims, setting up a blog page for Dr Normal off the Strange Love Live main page and checking out the geek girlies, let’s just say those went very well.

3 thoughts on “more blogs than you can shake a stick at…

  1. Tena the Tahirih says:

    At first, kitties in tiny airplanes sounded like a really good idea, so I was like, “What’s her problem with kitties in airplanes??” In fact, I got huffy about it.
    But then I realized that kitties would probably fly their planes pretty low, and they’d probably crash a lot, because kitties don’t care about air traffic safety, nor do they fear death.

    That’s when I realized you know what you’re talking about.

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