Chronicles of Bubba the Hamster: Part 1

On the top floor of our house is a guest room.  A dresser sits in the middle of the room, like an island.  Atop that dresser is a red towel and atop that towel is a blue and red plastic cage. Inside that cage? Lives our holiday house guest, a hamster named Bubba.

Well, Bubba 2 if you want to get technical.  No we aren’t the ones that killed Bubba 1, that happened months ago.

When I signed the slip allowing K to bring Bubba home for a weekend at the beginning of the school year I had no idea I’d actually be bringing home the little fuzzy red eyed thing for more than 2 weeks.

Since I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing holiday this and joliday that and the SNOWPOCOLYPSE!!! is totally boring, I’ve decided to keep you updated on the goings on of Bubba the Hamster (the 2nd incarnation).

Bubba does nothing, or next to it.  We’ve managed to lure him out of his cage once to get him in his exercise ball, but since we’ve put him back in his cage he’s either slept in his space ship, nibbled on food or made himself busy by pulling all of his cage lining into his exercise wheel so he can sleep in it.  Obviously it has been mis-named since no actual exercising goes on inside of it.

For the first full day he was here the poor rodent had no privacy as the view from his cage was as such:


Luckily for the little fuzz monster (though a little sadly for me) she has grown weary of Bubba.  If I suggest we go check on him she’ll run to do it but honestly I was hoping that she’d be so engaged in Bubba’s every non move that I would be able to clock some serious quiet time and maybe even get some writing done without having to assist in the dressing of 277 Polly Pockets…

No such luck.  Yet.

8 thoughts on “Chronicles of Bubba the Hamster: Part 1

  1. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Maybe you could dress Bubba up??
    Or teach him to dress Polly Pockets with K?

    Miss M has Polly Pockets on her Christmas list. She mostly likes the really tiny ones that cannot be dressed, but Santa may have bought her some of the other kind too. Bugger. :(

  2. bellevelma says:

    whomever designed Polly Pockets should be shot. It’s impossible to get clothes on those things. Stupid teeny weeny dolls with rubber clothes! You lucked out on the sleepy hamster though. Ones I’ve had in the past thought it was their sole duty to run on their SQUEEKY exercise wheels ALL NIGHT LONG, waking the entire house.

  3. missburrows says:

    He sleep or eats all day? He sits around and does nothing? Give him a laptop and he would be a Kaos!!

    Does he have his own podcast yet?

  4. NanaKaos says:

    As long as “IT” is gone when we return. It just might be a good thing that we had to stay home this year. Rats of any kind are not my favorite. ECH!!!

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