roast beast…

I’m going to be too busy tonight playing wii, drinking rum and serving roast beast to my rum toting friends to write an honest to goodness blog post, so instead I’ll give you the highlights of my day thus far:

– I woke up to discover that even though I didn’t think there could possibly be any more snow… there was.  We had several additional inches when we woke up. By the time I had eaten breakfast a couple of hours later there was even more snow.

-Bubba has started actually exercising in his wheel while it’s full of cage lining, bits of food and his own feces. Yuck.

– My daughter is a wuss. She has no desire to go out in the snow for any reason. At all.

-She does however have a cruel streak a mile wide. She won’t go in the snow but she insisted that we drag our kitties out in the snow. They’re inside cats.

-I really need to make some Pulla but I have to actually get to the store to get cardamom, that will have to wait until tomorrow because I’m too busy playing in the snow, showering, making roast beast and enjoying tiki drinks while we Wii.

-I’m going ot have to cancel my dinner reservations for Christmas day because I’m pretty sure we won’t actually want to drag ourselves down town.

-That’s okay though, if we cancel our reservations I’ll make Gumbo instead.

-Mike has done ZERO Christmas shopping.

-He plans to go on Tuesday because there is supposed to be a break in the snow.


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