what’s important

When last I wrote to you, oh gentle readers, I was in the throes of a what to wear crisis.  I had a long day ahead of me and I had to dress myself for two very special, very important, very different events.

The one I did mention was the first ever on location episode of Strange Love Live.  I think everything went gloriously well, if you’re interested you can read about it, see my gams and go have a listen.

The one I didn’t mention (because I was in the I was in the depths of mommy anxiety) was even more important.  My little K had her first ballet performance Friday night.  We had no decision making problems with her outfit because her costume, hair and makeup were all decided upon by her ballet school.  That left me with plenty of time to worry about what I was wearing, about my hair, about my makeup.  I had to make it work for both events, and I had only 30 minutes to get ready.  I wound up doing just fine, I was comfy and appropriate at the Nutcracker and reminiscent of Blade Runner at Cyborg Camp’s Pre-Party…

My evening, as crazy as it was, was nothing compared to hers though.

She was serious, more serious than I’ve ever seen her.  And beautiful.  And poised.  And happy.

And ours.

Mike and I could not have been more proud of our girl, who suddenly isn’t seeming quite as little.

8 thoughts on “what’s important

  1. NanaKaos says:

    She is beautiful honey, but she has a beautiful soul to match her outward beauty. So what if there is an imp in there too.

    I’m very proud of my girls, I wish we could have been there for both occasions.

  2. hollydolly says:

    do NOT blink. i blinked, and the girl who was one minute in a tutu was the next minute telling me that i ‘just didn’t understand’ the complex social issues of her life. ugh.

    can you freeze her like this?

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