I try not to post on the weekends. Saturday and Sunday at my house are set aside for family time. For K and Mike and my dear friends that I often don’t have much time for during the week…

So what is is that’s causing me to break my weekend postlessness?

A beautiful woman, a dear person, a supreme geek.

My friend is having a BIRTHDAY!!!

There are times that it’s hard to be a girl who likes sci-fi and computers… add to that a love of Hello Kitty and you’ve got an individual that downright puzzles most people, so when I saw all that (and so much more) in the beautiful Verso, I thought she might be a girl worth getting to know.

Boy oh boy was I right.

On this lovely November Sunday, I’m thankful to be thinking happy birthday thoughts for a good friend that I’m lucky to have.

(image totally stolen from BLF’s flickr)

Happy Birthday Kelly! you have no idea how much you’re loved.

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