my bluff, called…

Last night I: met some great tweople, misidentified 6 people (my bad, sorry), made funny faces at @wajiii then forgot I saw him (doh), didn’t spend any time at all with friends that came to see me (sorry guys), barely saw my husband, watched some great presentations, bruised my feet (but my boots looked great) and felt loved and welcome by a big crowd of people at Ignite Portland 4

Thank you!

Here’s the video shot by Linuxaid (thank you so much for having the videos up SO quickly AJ)

If that’s not enough Cami for you, then swing on over here to see the news story on Ignite.  It’s sure to make you cringe a little…

For those of you interested I’ll get my slides up over the weekend.  I spent almost no time in my bed last night and I’m feeling like it’s nap time.

19 thoughts on “my bluff, called…

  1. John Metta says:

    Your talk absolutely rocked! Well done. It was inspiring- now I think I can bluff my way through ANYTHING!

    The boots (and the dress) did look fantastic (giving me ideas for X-mas for Jessie), but I’m sorry about the bruised feet (ouch!).

  2. NanaKaos says:

    You are such a Vamp (notice the spelling) I couldn’t use the other word, you are my baby girl. I’m only kidding,you did a wonderful job, I wish we could have been there with you.

  3. Dave says:

    The secret to bluffing:

    – Your target must visualize for themselves that you are telling the truth
    – This is established by a series of events where they or someone they see, call you when you are NOT bluffing establishing your credibility
    – The price of calling must be made painful so that the penalty for calling your assertion is a risk the potential caller does not want to take (otherwise curiosity reigns)
    – A skilled bluffer can also put forth a negative bluff where the caller believes that you ARE bluffing when in fact you are not, and this can be an even greater weapon than the bluff
    – After working over someone with positive and negative bluffing, you can get them on tilt… and then they are yours.

    P.S. Loved the presentation!

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