when we last saw our heroine…

Last time I was at Ignite I was anything but nervous.  No where near knots.  As a matter of fact I was down right chipper to attend the event.  I had a chance to sit back and relax on one of the comfy sofas in the balcony with friends and family and survey the events at hand.

I watched closely each presentation and, as much as I could from the second floor, I observed what went on in between.  What I saw then was what I usually see at Portland Tech events, a lot of love and family and gushy stuff.  Everyone smiling and laughing and being proud.  I was smiley too!  Look at this lovely photo of donpdonp and I at the last Ignite, taken by Aaron Hockley.

If you can’t tell from that photo, I had fun, a ton of it…  But I wasn’t nearly as excited then as I am for Ignite Portland tonight.

It’s going to be awesome… as long as I don’t faint or anything before 7:20 ish when I take the stage.

12 thoughts on “when we last saw our heroine…

  1. camikaos says:

    Lindy, Thank you

    Aaron, I realized it was the one I was thinking of when the Bagdad tweeted it… it was too late ;)

    BW: I can’t believe you had the date of something all the way across the country wrong. How could you… What, are you busy with a life of your own? I think not.

    Sybil: I hope you mean fine as in, “Damn my bitch is fine” because if not then I feel like I’m not doing your love justice.

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