Tomorrow night I’ll get all fancied up in a little black top and a new black skirt with my big black boots (with 3 inch heels).  I’ll brush out my hair, smear on some lipstick and cross my fingers before I get in my shiny black chariot with my handsome prince and head to the ball.

Maybe ball isn’t the right word.  I think there has to be dancing for it to be a ball…  Perhaps I should call it a gala?  Yes, I think that’s much better, what with the lack of dancing and ball gowns.

Once there I will fidget nervously, drink, pace, smile and nod and then, when the moment comes, take the stage at Ignite Portland for 5 minutes (and 20 slides).  Hopefully as I stand on stage with the light from the projector shining in my eyes I’ll speak clearly and not spill any embarrassing childhood secrets but I can’t make any promises.

I’m in great company that night and looking forward to all the other speakers, but let me give a little love to a few in particular:  Betsy Richter, Melissa Lion, Katherine Gray, Amber Case and Rabbi David Kominsky are all giving talks that I’m thrilled to have a chance to watch live and in person.

If you’re there Thursday night make sure to say hi, oh and don’t be afraid to hoot and holler for us… we all appreciate a little bit of love.

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