For the first time since we ripped out our main floor bathroom my posts will all be variations on a theme this week. No it has nothing to do with remodeling our house, I’ve had quite enough of that for this year thank you very much…

Instead I’m going to be remodeling, reforming, transforming and fixing the space I write in. I mentioned it last week but it warrants repeating for several reasons (not the least of which is that it’s what I came up with to write about). This week should see many changes around these parts, and while I hope that the end result will be pleasing (not just for me, I want you to be happy too.. really. As long as it doesn’t put me out) it’s going to take some time and energy for me to get there.

I’ve got a plan of attack ready, I know what needs to change, I’m ready. I’m wrapping myself up in a big bundle of nerves and time constraints and forging ahead, relocating my blog, changing it’s name (more on that later) and probably losing my mind in the process since I’m also swept up in at least 2 other large projects this week.

On Saturday I attended WordCamPDX which answered a lot of questions that needed answering and raised about 6,000 more that I’m looking in to. I’ll have an entire post on my experience at word camp later in the week but for now I leave you with this picture of Verso and I taken by Jane Wells.

Yeah, we rock… we know.

10 thoughts on “chrysalis

  1. Lorelle says:

    That was so cool and we had TOO much fun. I want a do over!!!!You, two, really rocked. I thought you both should have won the tattoo contest. Awesome!!!!!

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