Tomorrow night I'll get all fancied up in a little black top and a new black skirt with my big black boots (with 3 inch heels).  I'll brush out my hair, smear on some lipstick and cross my fingers before I get in my shiny black chariot with my handsome prince and head to the … Continue reading tomorrow

the bio

What is it about the bio section of anything, anything at all, that sends me reeling?  I can talk about myself until I'm blue in the face, and I do, here, everyday... But put the word "bio" on a page and then expect me to fill it out?  Ah hellz no! Normally I'll just skip … Continue reading the bio


For the first time since we ripped out our main floor bathroom my posts will all be variations on a theme this week. No it has nothing to do with remodeling our house, I've had quite enough of that for this year thank you very much...Instead I'm going to be remodeling, reforming, transforming and fixing … Continue reading chrysalis