toonlet fridays…


Join us Friday September 26th at 9:30pm for another live episode of Strange Love. We’ll be starting 30 minutes early this week because I have to get my lazy self up and to Word Camp early in the morning (as does our guest). Oh, the guest… have I not yet mentioned that we’ll have the fantastically talented Portland transplant Mark Colman on the couch?

As a special treat for all you early birds, afterhours will begin at 10:00 pm with another speical guest… YO! YO! YO!!!!

5 thoughts on “toonlet fridays…

  1. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Yep, mum’s rule, it’s kind of annoying sometimes though as it means we have to feel a bit crappy whenever we go out. We get over it though don’t we. ;D

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