the family that blogs together…

If you were to look at my blog roll, or alphabetical link love as I like to call it, you would see that… well you would see that it’s probably out of date… and large… but what you might not see is that I have several family members on that list.

Ever notice that guy I call DaddyKaos… guess what… he calls himself Daddy “Kaos” because he’s my real actual true to life father.

Then there’s the lovely Mielikki… Her name isn’t really Mielikki, nor is it Mie as I so often lovingly refer to her because I am too lazy to type her entire handle, but she is really my cousin. She’s my father’s sister’s youngest child…

And then there’s Xithor… He writes The Droid Whisperer, occasionally. He’s also my mom and dad’s child. Their son. Which would make him my… that’s right, brother.

That’s a whole lot of family for this one little corner of the internet…

They’re just the blog writing portion of my family though… there are even more family members skulking about my blog, peeping in my mind and running away.

Like my mom who, though she doesn’t always comment, seems to read everyday… hi mom!

There’s my sister-in-lawish, Sadimac, she’s been known to pop by a time or two.

Hell, even her mom has mentioned in passing that she has perused the space I call mommifiedme…

My favorite aunt has popped by once to leave a comment and I swear I’ve seen my grandma skulking around silently thinking she goes unnoticed…

…and I would be completely remiss if I forgot to mention that I am lucky enough to count my husband as one of my most faithful readers…

That’s a lot of family contained within these cyber walls. A lot of people who get their daily, weekly or maybe just monthly dose of Cami in the form of a blog post.

A lot of people that I love sneaking about on my pages.

And truth be told I don’t find it odd at all that they’re here… but even though I’m happy to have them here, I don’t write my blog for them.

This didn’t start as a place to keep my family up to date on the day to day happenings of the CamiKaos they all know and love. Honestly a good deal of my family never would have known who I was at all today if they hadn’t been pointed this way. Shown my internet presence. Been given the snarky CamiKaos howdy doo.

It’s been such a gift to me that my family reads what I pour onto these pages. That they’re able to see me for who I am, read my uninterrupted thoughts, marvel at the insanity of my rants, sigh at my vast consumer whoring, smile at my triumphs and shake their head at my stupidity…

Then there’s friends, both old and new that stop by for the occasional hell how are ya. It makes my day to see they’ve been here…

But what about you, and you, and you over there in the back with your hand up over your face hoping no one will see you… You read me too, and… oddly… that warms my heart.

It makes me feel like I’ve got a great big internet family.

Happy stuff babies, and no… I swear… I haven’t been drinking.


I wrote this post to answer the simple question David posed on his weekend wandering… Does your family read your blog?

I think I answered it way up there at the top…

when I started this post my family did read my blog… but now they’re bored to death just like the rest of you… so I suppose they may have stopped.

14 thoughts on “the family that blogs together…

  1. sybil law says:

    It was lovely and NOT boring.You warm my hard drive, if you know what i mean.HahaMe loves you and your family. For realz.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. stephanie says:

    I am pleased to warm your heart vicariously. I get the feeling – my heart leaps with every comment I receive :)My family, other than my man, doesn’t read me (thank God, really) but my principal does! That feels a tad weird, but that she likes it feels fantastic.

  3. Lilacspecs says:

    I know my parents read my blog almost daily and my mum reads some excerpts to my grandpa. I think my aunt might stop in too now and then, and my man, but he helps me run it and keep up on it, so he’s more an admin than a reader. Sometimes it is nice for family to be ablr to see what you’re like when you’re away from the proverbial dinner table.

  4. holly says:

    sorry, i missed the boring bit, where was that? you are so not boring. i’ll write it in computerese : you != boring;yeah, that last line was boring. i’ll stop that. hubby does not care about the blog.sister – very very smart. plays dumb when i say to her about the blog. love her to bits, she no readie my blog. but she loves me, i think. brother – well he’d just trash it. and i rather like being able to make fun of him on it. in fact, i feel a post about him coming on…mom : i think she has read every post. if my dad read my blog, he’d stop calling. oh, wait….i gotta get him to read the blog somehow!

  5. Velma says:

    As far as I know, nobody in my family reads my blog. Other than my husband, I don’t think they even know I HAVE a blog… and I like it that way, for now.

  6. mielikki says:

    Mie is quite acceptable, half the time I don’t want to write out the whole thing. You already know who in the family is even *allowed* to know that I blog. To invite anyone else would be certain disaster…and no, we are not ever bored reading yours.

  7. Groovy Mom says:

    Nobody in my family knows about my blog. I haven’t told any friends in real life either. I just wanted a place where I could say what was on my mind without worrying about what my family thinks about it (or without making my family worry about me.)

  8. david mcmahon says:

    Okay, it’s official. Your clan is the First Family of blogging.And they don’t read your blog? They must be crazy!!!We are kindred souls – my family doesn’t read my blog either!

  9. Avery Gray says:

    Aw, heck no! I could just imagine the hell that would create for me. Nope, not gonna go there.But I’ve found a whole other family here in the blogosphere. It’s even a little less dysfunctional than my real family!

  10. Kris says:

    *hand waving wildly in the air* OH, OH, OH!!! Can I be counted in the blog family?? :)We demand Gamiltard time. All your base are belong to us. Let’s make some time for each other soon! Kris

  11. CamiKaos says:

    Kris: Look everybody it’s Kris… on of my very best friends out there in the real world… I am such a bad friend that she has to contact me here. I love you Kris… and you can so be family… your base are belong to us baby.avery: I think it’s odd that I am not more concerned, but I’ve always been able to be very honest with my family about who I am. Of course much of my family hasn’t seen me in like… 15 years… but still…daddy: yes he missed somethingdavid: Oh they read and read… groovymom: your comment made me mentally tally the times I have censored myself because my family reads my blog… I think I have only done so twice… and I think both times it was a good choice… If I have something I can’t say to anyone in the world at all… I just tell my husband… I’m very very lucky that way.Mie: oh you will be… you will be.BW: Oddly… yesvelma: My weirdness I think would be people from my daughter’s school knowing… but with that said I just outed myself as a blogger to one mom that I am particularly fond of… only to find out that she hasn’t touched a computer in like 3 years.holls: Imagine me with a pipe in my mouth… bubble pipe for arguments sake sitting in a wingback chair as you lounge on a sedan “Now Holly… what can you tell me about your brother”… you do some talking “yes” I say as I nod my head and spew forth a fresh batch of bubbles “very interesting… now tell me about your dishes”lilac: my parents aren’t nearly as far away as yours… but they’re halfway across the country… but I think it’s nice for them to have the access to my insanity.stephanie: You do warm my heart. And the principal reads yours… creepy… but WONDERFUL.Sybil: and for some reason my family loves you.

  12. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Ahhh, I might have to do that question Cami.Mr B occasionally reads my blog.My mum reads pretty much every day, and I feel like she knows me better because of that. My lovely sister-in-law reads sometimes. My gorgeous big sis is reading more and more which is fab cos’ she lives a coupla hundred miles away so she keeps up with the daft stuff that way. And my gorgeous soon to be sister in law reads sometimes too.I love that all your clan read and write and comment. It’s so cool. I can’t imagine my dad ever reading or writing a blog. Your dad is wicked.And the post wasn’t boring. I promise. I can’t imagine you ever being boring.

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