on the wall

I lay perfectly still, exactly in the middle, unmoving. My hands and feet were tucked snugly into the blanket, my neck was safely covered by sheets.There was absolutely no way they were going to get me, it was impossible, improbable or at the least quite unlikely.The witch hiding under my bed, the whatever it was … Continue reading on the wall

only once

It hangs in the back of a seldom used closet, zipped up tight in a garment bag. The most expensive piece of clothing I've ever owned, it was $395 on sale, the most expensive piece of clothing I've ever owned and I haven't worn it in almost 7 years. I remember when I saw it … Continue reading only once

in the quiet…

The night closed in on me. There was no escape. No amount of hard work or mindless entertainment could pull my thoughts from the one place they wanted to dwell:I miss himI thought it over and over.I may have even said it out loud. to myself. repeatedly.I miss himYou see it never occurred to me … Continue reading in the quiet…


Gone are the days of the smelly man sitting on a faded couch with one hand down his trousers and one on his remote control as he watches the game or the jiggly breast laden beer ads that advertise on it. Gone are the days of the serious thinker who sits on his futon watching … Continue reading click.