try and try again…

Okay babies… so here I am sitting in my bed, my most favorite of beloved writing spots…

I’m in my comfy workout clothes (though I totally didn’t work out today… but I walked several miles)… my feet are up… the tv is off… I’m intending to go to bed early… as early as I can.

And I’m trying to write for you. for me. for him. for her. for the cats and kittens all over…

but Mr. Kaos is sitting at my feet chit chatting.

About what? Well babies what does Mr. Kaos ever chat about?

This that the other thing… The bands he’s playing in, the podcasts we’re supposed to be doing but haven’t gotten around to (Holls baby… we want you, we need you, we have to have you…) land use, music, zoning commissions, hard work and how all the children at the school give me their germs while I am so generously giving them my help…

And the information he’s imparting to me as I type, it’s important stuff. Good stuff. Stuff I need to know… but it’s stopping me from saying anything at all vaguely inspired to all of you…

So it’s all his fault that I had nothing to say today… Okay?


7 thoughts on “try and try again…

  1. holly says:

    no no! i really really want to hear about land use and zoning something-or-others…although i’d rather hear about the band. or how you generously gave in the onslaught of receiving of nastiness…and walking several miles? i count that as working out. whenever you’re ready, skype away.

  2. Jo Beaufoix says:

    But the talking is good right? So that’s ok. And I always like to hear about the band. And I can’t wait for you to do a Holls podcast, so he is forgiven, because he is such a sweetie.

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